NC Teacher Licensure Proposal Prepares to Prioritize Contractors Over Children

A draft teacher licensure proposal soon to be considered by the North Carolina State Board of Education has been labeled “Pathways to Excellence.”  It begs two questions: Where do the pathways lead? And for whom are they excellent? Where do the pathways lead? Credit: Dan4th Nicholas As the draft proposal is currently written, it... Continue Reading →

Is NC’s teacher licensure proposal ‘bold and innovative’ or ‘tried and failed?’

The Dallas Morning News published an article titled "Texas’ ‘wild west’ teacher prep landscape could make teacher shortage worse." It reflects on Texas' decades-long experiment with exposing children to underprepared classroom teachers in the name of rejuvenating the teacher pipeline. It neither served students nor addressed the pipeline. Here are some highlights: “It’s about getting... Continue Reading →

First in Judicial Review

North Carolina's license plates have featured "First in Flight" and "First in Freedom" but as we drive our state forward we should check our rear-view mirrors for another historical milestone: First in Judicial Review. For those in need of a refresher, judicial review is a key check-and-balance between branches of government that empowers the judicial... Continue Reading →

The problems with the NC teacher pipeline aren’t “complex” – they’re as easy as ABC. 

A flow chart is making its way around the state that claims to be the pathway to address the teacher shortage in our state.  To be clear, there are many folks in North Carolina who have teaching certification.  What we have is a lack of folks wanting to teach in North Carolina. As a... Continue Reading →

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