It’s Bucking Bull: NC Teacher Shortage Explained The NC teacher pipeline has been, and continues to be, broken by elected officials who actively undermine our public schools.They want to replace our public schools with a system of privately managed charters as was done in New Orleans after Katrina. Or worse, throw in the towel on a system of publicly funded schools... Continue Reading →

NC Teacher Licensure Proposal Prepares to Prioritize Contractors Over Children

A draft teacher licensure proposal soon to be considered by the North Carolina State Board of Education has been labeled “Pathways to Excellence.”  It begs two questions: Where do the pathways lead? And for whom are they excellent? Where do the pathways lead? Credit: Dan4th Nicholas As the draft proposal is currently written, it... Continue Reading →

A broken feedback loop can’t effectively repair the teacher pipeline NC teacher licensure schemers avoided feedback for as long as possible and remain resistant to changes, yet the plan elevates student survey feedback as a core method to rescind teacher licenses. A scheme created with a rigged feedback loop is set to further damage the teacher pipeline, not repair it. Our students deserve better.... Continue Reading →

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