It’s Bucking Bull: NC Teacher Shortage Explained

The NC teacher pipeline has been, and continues to be, broken by elected officials who actively undermine our public schools.

They want to replace our public schools with a system of privately managed charters as was done in New Orleans after Katrina. Or worse, throw in the towel on a system of publicly funded schools by giving every family a voucher to help pay for private school tuition.

Watch for bills to expand charters & vouchers in NC during this legislative session. See how much attention they get from the majority party.

Watch them manufacture mistrust of teachers and your local school to justify their lack of support and sales pitches for alternatives.

Watch for anything labeled “innovative” and notice how it’s code for private entities having opportunities to sell their snake oil programs as a “solution” to what ails our public schools. It would be innovative to restore supportive policies and funding that worked before but were deliberately decimated to manufacture a crisis they now want you to think only snake oil can fix.

Watch how many snake oil salespeople donate to their campaigns.

Watch who jumps on the bandwagon with momentum sending public schools toward a brick wall to prioritize selling themselves as “bipartisan” instead of helping to slam on the brakes of bad policy as a public school supporter.

Watch for bills filed by legislators who support public schools, seeking to strengthen state support for public schools, get stuck in filing cabinets because the majority party won’t let them see the light of day. Watch majority leaders avoid a sincere debate on the future of public schools in North Carolina for fear they cannot win a fair fight.

Watch the video highlighting this rodeo designed to buck staff and families from public schools.

Don’t just watch: contact your legislators and help others understand what they’re up to.

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