It’s Bucking Bull: NC Teacher Shortage Explained The NC teacher pipeline has been, and continues to be, broken by elected officials who actively undermine our public schools.They want to replace our public schools with a system of privately managed charters as was done in New Orleans after Katrina. Or worse, throw in the towel on a system of publicly funded schools... Continue Reading →

The problems with the NC teacher pipeline aren’t “complex” – they’re as easy as ABC. 

A flow chart is making its way around the state that claims to be the pathway to address the teacher shortage in our state.  To be clear, there are many folks in North Carolina who have teaching certification.  What we have is a lack of folks wanting to teach in North Carolina. As a... Continue Reading →

Sound, basic facts – salary update

Learn more about the "Leandro" case here See the WestEd report detailing the pathway to fulfilling the constitutional duty here Learn more about why public pressure to support the court order is needed here Stay in the loop on developments and advocacy opportunities here Contact your state lawmakers NOW here

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