NC DPI official admits EVAAS stacks the deck against recognizing growth

EVAAS is a flawed, norm-referenced tool that has been rejected by other states, and was eliminated for official use in teacher evaluations by North Carolina in 2016. NC also drastically scaled back its standardized test regimen after pushback from parents and educators. So why does a teacher licensure pitch headed soon to the North Carolina State Board of Education feature EVAAS as one of the pillars for evaluating teacher performance?

This tool unfairly tells students they’re not good enough, and now it’s on the verge of formal use to unfairly tell teachers they’re not good enough.

Concerns about using norm-referenced tools have been shared with folks on the PEPSC licensure committee to no avail. Perhaps you’ll have more luck than I’ve had:

You can also sign and share this petition for better solutions to address our state’s teacher pipeline needs:

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