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Education theory and practice takes on new meaning in a pandemic. Front-line educators must be trusted when we say we cannot safely reopen schools without more staff and supplies. We're maxed out from all the other times we've been mandated to do more with less - it's time for state leaders to do more this... Continue Reading →

NC GOP deceptively boasts "record raises" while cutting corporate tax rates by 50% yet fails to provide a salary schedule that effectively retains and recruits great teachers for our students. Esse Quam Videri - pass a 5% raise for ALL educators and retirees (Avg. 10% raise actually needed to fully restore to 2007 purchasing power)

I moved to NC in 2011, the first year Republicans held majority control of the NCGA. Despite their 20% average raise claims, I have seen a real 2% pay cut compared to teachers with my same credentials on the schedule I "signed up for."

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