Protect #StudentsNotStatues

Our obligation to protect students expands as we look to another school year during a pandemic. Lawmakers must elevate their commitment to children and properly fund their pedestal – schools.

In 2015, the NC General Assembly passed a law to protect monuments created by those who think my black students and their ancestors don’t deserve equal status in this country.

Those same folks who voted to protect racist monuments continued Recession-era education cuts and fail to fulfill the Constitutional mandate to provide a sound basic education. That law has not been followed, even when ordered by many courts, beginning with the 1997 Leandro decision.

Our black students are most left behind by failure to do so.

Our black families are disproportionately affected by this virus and failure to take steps to limit the spread when students return to school hurts all North Carolinians.

Instead of whipping votes in the US Senate to pass the HEROES Act, which would in part deliver funding to support school reopening this fall, the President signs an Executive Order protecting idolization of white supremacy.

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