Sen. Horner – I don’t enjoy my math and charts, or being right. I wish I was wrong.

The night before the NCGA was set to return for a “special session” Senate Education chairman Rick Horner was busy scrambling his colleagues together to put the finishing touches on a new bipartisan budget.

Fact check: nope, he was trolling my attempt to draw attention to the need for bipartisan negotiations. The screenshot below is his response to a link to this evening news report where I had the honor of giving voice to concerns of public education supporters.

This screenshot is the only excerpt I have saved from that thread. You will no longer see the rest because Sen. Horner deleted his comments several hours after making them.

Although Sen. Horner is not running for re-election in 2020, it is important for people to digest that his Republican colleagues thought he was the best man for the job in leading the Senate Education Committee.

If he’s the best they have to offer, it sheds a lot of light on his colleagues who are running for re-election. Remember that in November.

Contrary to Sen. Horner’s comments, I don’t enjoy my math and charts, or being right. I wish I was wrong.

I am not beating a dead horse with this information but trying to motivate more North Carolinians to hop on theirs because I’m tired of watching policies over the last decade whip our public schools.

I don’t create and share this information for my own satisfaction, but to help the statewide organizing efforts of public school supporters. I move information that I hope moves people to action.

The teacher salary data and “Record Raise Runaround” profiles are just the latest efforts.

They’ve struck a nerve. It’s about time.

Not to beat a dead horse, but here are facts I’ve shared over the last year that ruffle feathers – including one cease and desist letter. I hope they continue to move you to action, and support your efforts to get others to saddle up! (Links for next steps at the end)

Pick your horse to saddle up as we support the race to the polls!

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